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Staff and hospitality

Europeans like to entertain and host events, whether in the form of private dinners, or more formal occasions, such as cocktail parties. To invite guests is both a great opportunity for networking, as well as means to embody closer professional and personal relationships, the two more often than not being intermingled in Europe.

Expectations can sometimes be high upon entertaining and attention to detail is paramount. As such, depending on the gathering, help is often needed either through an event manager or permanent private staff. In Europe, the latter are not mere servants but on the contrary are an extension of you, and must thus be chosen and managed carefully, as one is also judged through one’s staff. British trained butlers are increasingly popular and are experts in managing a household. As close associates, they can be relied upon to take care of both hiring and supervising the rest of one’s staff. As experts in household customs, they can ensure impeccable standards no matter the social or business engagement. Noble Conscientia has an in-depth knowledge in British Butler, training and selection. In addition, we provide asset management of jets, yachts and supercars.