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Equine, Fishing and Shooting

Europe is known for its forests, lakes and rivers, which have been the setting of a wide range of literary novels: for instance Sherwood forest and the Black forest being known across the globe through the popular figures of Robin Hood or Hansel and Gretel. From a very early stage, Europeans have taken advantage of these natural bounties, and have transformed basic survival training in the wild into an art, in the form of multiple sports and leisure activities. Whether it is for the pleasure of evading crowded cities or with a more competitive mind set, fishing, shooting and horse riding are still very much practised.

Horse riding brings great personal satisfaction and is also a sign of social standing and wealth, which is recognised as such in upper social circles. Moreover, it has the advantage of being able to be practised all year round, and lead to other sports, such as Polo and Eventing. Finally, one can always combine horse riding with shooting, and live the experience of great aristocratic families, as have been popularly depicted in the British TV series ‘Downton Abbey’. Noble Conscientia is delighted to provide an array of bespoke experiences, introductory events and advanced training.