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Culture & etiquette

Europe is widely known for being a very diverse cultural continent, where every country – and even more so every sub-region – prides itself of its distinct language, arts, history and even culinary specialities. Culture in general is a very important component of social relationships within Europe, even at a business level one expects an interlocutor to be able to make ‘small talk’ about cultural events, as means of breaking the ice.

Hence, whether it is for professional or personal relationships, certain knowledge of culture and cultural understanding is required, notably in deciphering behaviour and being able to respond in an appropriate manner. Knowledge of culture and etiquette are thus not only a mark of respect, but also a path to social acceptance.

In this regard, Europe distinguishes itself from America and uses culture specifically to distance itself from purely material considerations. ‘Culture cannot be bought’ is a phrase often used on the Continent, where for example talking of money in public is considered as a sign of bad taste. Noble Conscientia believes that it is important to take the time and effort to learn about European culture and etiquette, as it is one field which cannot be fast-tracked by any amount of wealth or fortune.