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Most people at some stage in their lives use aircraft as a mode of transport, typically, travelling with airlines. Knowing and being able to pilot an aircraft is quite a different matter. It is not simply like driving a car with wings, it requires study, thorough training and learning new disciplines. It is one of the truest and most notable privileges known to man.

Commanding an aircraft brings immense kudos but more importantly great responsibility. Noble Conscientia provides exclusive and discreet flight training services in both English and Mandarin to the very highest recognised training standards, with specifically vetted and experienced instructors for our clients to obtain their pilot licences. In addition, we provide advanced training on more complex aircraft to safely pursue and exercise these ultimate privileges around the globe witnessing what so few can do.

The eyes of a pilot and passengers in a cockpit are members of arguably the most exclusive club provided by Mother Nature and our planet’s dynamic and breath-taking landscape.

Once experienced properly with Noble Conscientia, your perspective will profoundly change. You have been warned! Piloting privately across differing terrains, transporting yourself and key individuals to a business meeting or vacation, bypassing queues and life’s inefficiencies is accessible with Noble Conscientia and empowers you our client.

In addition, to flight training for both EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) and FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) [USA] licences, we provide unique flying opportunities across Europe and USA, individually tailored with options for aircraft purchase and exclusive services to position your aircraft globally combining business and pleasure requirements.

  • Discreet flight training with internationally vetted instructors of significant experience and safety
  • in both English and Mandarin.
  • Introductory and Advanced FAA and EASA Pilot Licence Training
  • Recurrent Training
  • Aircraft acquisition, maintenance and logistical management
  • Flying and Non-pilot vacation trips (Europe and USA)
  • Bespoke asset positioning (Global)

Please contact us to book your flight training or to discuss your aviation requirements and have a Noble Conscientia expert tailor appropriate solutions for you.